So it finally got cold and snowed here.  A front moved through very quickly and between the time I went left the grocery store and got half way home yesterday afternoon, the temperature dropped ten degrees and it began to snow very hard.

Everyone slowed down and drove carefully, and it was really beautiful...

It was just about sunset, so it was getting dark, and the white snow was flying through the air in big wet flakes.  At every stoplight, I watched the birds hopping around in the medians, gathering up some grub before moving into the shrubbery.  The most beautiful sight was that of two geese flying overhead through the snow, their figures black in the gathering gloom, contrasted against the driving white snow.  Perhaps they were flying to shelter, or perhaps they were playing in the snow themselves, taking a joy ride through the wind salted with snow.

It was a wonderful drive home.

In the end, we only got a thin covering of snow, but even that small amount muted the usual world-noises and it was a quiet evening.  In the morning, I found bunny tracks all over the front porch.  Wish I had thought to put out a carrot, although I'm pretty sure the landlord does not condone the wild bunnies any more than the pet ones.

Snow gives us a chance to see the world just a little differently.  Familiar places are changed.  And we discover new things (like that the neighborhood bunnies have visited) we wouldn't have seen otherwise.  A change in perspective, even a small one, broadens our horizons.

And this is a good thing.  So I am glad that it snowed and I saw things differently because of it.


Perpetua said…
Glad to know that the US hasn't missed its winter entirely, Penny. :-)
Nancy Wallace said…
"A change in perspective, even a small one, broadens our horizons". Food for thought there. I love your sundial with snow photo. The snow where we are in the UK has almost completely thawed now, which is a relief to me. I just don't like winter!
Yes, Perpetua, I was just complaining about that, wasn't I? It's almost all gone now, but it was lovely. And it has been quite cold!

Thanks to you, too Nancy. I hope you'll get some warmer weather soon.