Friday Afternoon Beach Break

No, I'm not at the beach this afternoon. But I can pretend and you can join me!


Ray Barnes said…
Oh yes please Penny. It must be about 20 years since I was last on a beach, the picture is so inviting.
Bees on hydrangeas, waves on beaches, birds being..birds.
I love all your pictures, keep on keeping on please.
Gosh, Ray, I can't imagine going 20 years without going to the beach. I think you need to plan a trip!

Glad you are enjoying the photos!
Perpetua said…
I love all your photos too, Penny, though I've been lax about saying so recently. I'm just in from mowing what feels like acres of grass, so a dip in that sea would be wonderful. :-)
Thanks, Perpetua. I'm glad you are enjoying your time in France this summer. It looks like you've been really busy!