Saturday Morning Movie: For the Birds

This is a movie short from the digital animation geniuses at Pixar. Since I love birds, I love this movie, even though it doesn't sugar coat the basic story: a clique makes fun of an outsider but in the end, they'll suffer some consequences. Being mean doesn't pay.

Plus, you get to hear a little of Dave Brubeck's wonderful song, Take Five.



Bill Bynum said…
A most enjoyable video clip! A bravado display of the technical prowess of Pixar Studios. It is difficult to realize that every pixel one sees has been generated by graphic artists. The Take Five music is especially appropriate, but even the music was surprising. The sax solo sounded just like my idol, Paul Desmond, but in the end credits, the music was performed by Riders in the Sky, primarily a Western band. Talk about versatility!
That was fun! Thanks for sharing!
Ray Barnes said…
Thanks for the clip, great fun, and the ever wonderful "Take Five".
Dave Brubeck was one of my great heroes in the sixties/seventies, and that particular number was my personal theme song for about ten years, despite my operatic leanings.
I love your wacky jumbled (sorry, eclectic) taste.
Yes, a surprise about Riders in the Sky! I do love the work Pixar does.
Glad you enjoyed it, Charles!
Thanks, Ray - I do have a kind of jumbled taste. It's fun to put it all out there (here) and see what people think!