Saturday Morning Music Video: from the Goat Rodeo Sessions

National Public Radio (NPR)'s music folks offer what they call "Tiny Desk Concert" on a weekly basis.  It's called "tiny desk concert" because the performers are recorded while playing behind/around the desk of Bob Boilen in the NPR Music Offices.

Here's what the NPR Music YouTube Channel has to say about this video from November 2011:

"The genre-bending cellist Yo-Yo Ma heads a dream team of string players -- Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile, Stuart Duncan -- who borrow from bluegrass. The quartet, plus singer Aoife O'Donovan perform three songs from their album The Goat Rodeo Sessions at the NPR Music offices.

Set List:

"Quarter Chicken Dark"
"Here And Heaven"

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Everybody knows Yo-Yo Ma, of course. Edgar Meyer is the double bass player who often plays with Yo-Yo Ma and a host of others. Chris Thile plays mandolin with The Punch Brothers (who describe themselves as a progressive bluegrass band). Stuart Duncan fiddles with The Nashville Bluegrass Band and Aoife O'Donovan has an extensive resume (including studying at The New England Conservatory) as a singer-songwriter who sings with bluegrass band Crooked Still and the "folk noir" trio Sometymes Why, and has just released a solo album.



June Butler said…
I love NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts. It's intriguing to see how groups manage to fit themselves into the small space provided and still perform well. Through the concerts, I've been introduced to several lesser-known music groups that I've liked enough to purchase their albums.
Bill Bynum said…
Great music video clip! Talented musicians, all. And thanks for the heads-up about the NPR Tiny Desk Concerts.
I agree, Mimi! What a nifty idea from NPR Music. I was a little late to the Tiny Desk Concert party but better late than never.
Glad you enjoyed it, Bill! There are some great Tiny Desk Concerts - here's a link to the archive: