Music for St Hildegard's Day

Reposting this from last year:

Today is the feast day of Hildegard von Bingen, abbess, musician, writer, and visionary. She was a truly fascinating and important person in the Middle Ages. Read about her here.

Hildegard's music features distinctive and soaring fifths - movement up (and down) the musical scale in great leaps. Here is O vis aeternitatis:

Power of Eternity
you who ordered all things in your heart,
through your Word all things are created just as you willed,
and your very Word
calls forth flesh
in the shape
which was drawn from Adam.
Power of Eternity
Power of Eternity.



Perpetua said…
Gorgeous, Penny. I discovered Hildegard many years ago and have just replaced my old copy of A Feather on the Breath of God.