Someone is not enjoying the sermon....

This is a detail from a window at Christ and St Luke's Episcopal Church in Norfolk, Virginia. I was there on Saturday at a lovely service of repentance, reconciliation, and healing which was designed by a commission of the Diocese called "The Repairers of the Breach." One of the purposes of the service was to acknowledge the sins of the Church during the time of slavery, and of the Jim Crow and Civil Rights eras, and the continuing sin of racism today. The Gospel of the day was Jesus telling the disciples that the truth will set them free. It was a meaningful service and while it didn't end racism it was a good thing for us all.

I came upon this window as I was walking to the reception after the service and I was so struck by the face of the man who is not enjoying this sermon. It just leapt out at me as I turned to face the window. I rather like how he adds to the gathered group and can't help but wonder if he is modeled on someone in real life, as is sometimes the case in commissioned religious art.

At any rate, what do you think he is thinking?


Ray Barnes said…
"Honestly, it's not the sermon, it's the decibel level"
He should have sat in the back.