Watch the Writing of an Icon

This is pretty cool. Watch as an icon of Hilda of Whitby emerges step by step in this video. Hilda was a very important figure in the early church, and although there are many who wished she had used her power to help keep the Celtic expressions of Christianity alive in England at the Synod of Whitby rather than acquiescing to enforce the Roman customs, the fact remains that she was a very powerful figure, male or female, in the Church in the 7th Century.

(P.S.: Hilda's feast day is November 17th. Since that date was on a Sunday this year, however, her feast was transferred to the first available open date, which is today.)


Bill Bynum said…
Beautiful video clip. I am in awe both of Saint Hilda because of her strong, pious life and of the artist who was willing to give us a glimpse of the exceptional skill needed to create the icon.
Perpetua said…
Fascinating, Penny. Creating such a work really is prayer in action.
Thanks, Perpetua. I agree with you.