Saturday Morning Jazz

During the Christmas holidays, my son Jeff and a bunch of his music friends in Atlanta got together for a few sessions. All but the piano player were home from music school for the break.

Here they are playing Herbie Hancock's Butterfly.

Thanks to Mike Holiman for providing the venue and the recording.



Ray Barnes said…
Thanks Penny, I really enjoyed it. Reminded me of some of my misspent youth when this kind of barely any theme, but loads of improvisations was known here as 'progressive jazz'.
I love the sound of Jeff's trumpet. Yes I know I've said that before but it has a very distinctive,what I would call 'smoky' tone.
Bill Bynum said…
Thanks for giving us another enjoyable jazz clip from Jeff and his friends.
Thanks - Really enjoyed that!
Thanks, Ray! I'm glad you enjoyed it and appreciate Jeff's "sound." I think he's doing good work at conservatory.
Thanks! And thanks for sharing it with others!
I'm so glad you did - thanks, Charles!