Catching up on Love

I missed the whole week of SSJE reflections. Fortunately, they put together a compilation of the week's videos at the end of the week. So I caught up today.

This week's theme is love. We are asked to think about how we love, why we love, how we are loved, how we experience love, etc. The brothers talked about dogs, grandmothers, Scripture. I get the feeling that some of them are less comfortable with love than the other topics.

The bottom line, of course, is that God is love and that we were created for love; God delights in us and loves us utterly. Therefore, we are to love others, because we are loved. Easier said than done.

The reason why I missed this week was because a big truck arrived at my house on Monday morning with most of the contents of our Atlanta house. It's now all in this house. And it's nearly Holy Week and at work we are preparing for Holy Week and Easter in all new spaces from our usual locations because of renovations going on. In fact, we will have some Easter services at the parish and others across the street at a school. Lots of details to work out.

And so just like that, my Lenten observance was over. I know what I should have done is put my Lenten observance first and let the other stuff fall where it would. It's not like I HAVE to unpack from the move - I already had a functioning home. But instead I tried to juggle all of it. Because the chaos is so unsettling.

Anyway, now it's Caturday again, so here are Bella and Sally enjoying the bed we brought from Atlanta. They are so happy that there are beds in every room for them to sleep on.


Ray Barnes said…
Have a love(ly), snuggly, weekend Penny. Lent will still be there on Monday.
Indeed, Ray! And now Monday is almost here.