This week the Brothers at SSJE have been talking about play. I haven't always done play well. I actually think I have a playful nature but I'm fairly inhibited about living it out. My play is more often than not cerebral. Wordplay is the kind of play I do the most.

Today's post asks us to schedule a time for play and tell about it.

So, I did that. I didn't sign up for soccer or a pottery class. I went and had my hair done in a fancy salon. We started out with a comprehensive consultation with a lovely young woman named Emily about how I actually experience my hair and what I really wanted to happen at the salon.  She then spent a great deal of time coloring my hair because, first, we had to undo the bad color job I already head and second, I have a ton of very fine hair. Then she gave me a flattering haircut that we had agreed was what I wanted and what she thought would look great, after giving me a head massage during my shampoo and also a hand massage while my head was wrapped in hot towels to help my conditioner soak in. I also enjoyed a beverage and biscotti while the color processed.

So most of my play was letting myself be pampered. This is not something I do very often. (For one thing, I can't afford to do it very often!) I've never been the fancy salon type. But it was also a 2-way activity. I asked for what I wanted and I received it.

Is that play? Maybe, maybe not. I was not the one being creative here. But I was being something I often am not: relaxed and accepting of a gift.

I don't have a picture to post of my hair and it might not look all that great to you, anyway. And besides, it's "Caturday," so here are pictures of Bella and Sally instead:


Ray Barnes said…
Photographing and playing with your beautiful cats must count musn't it? They are both gorgeous and I would so love a brief cuddle with them.
If your hair is half as good as your friends' fur it must look lovely. :-)
Yes, Ray, I think it does count! Bella and Sally are very cuddly, although they also have a penchant for love bites, which I am trying to stop with no success yet.

My hair has held up well over these few days, so I am pleased. One has to live with a new cut for a week, I have found, before it can be pronounced "good."

May your Holy Week be good and holy, Ray.