All God's Creatures: Thursday Sheep Photo

These babies are bustin' out! 

We were on Iona at lambing time when many of the ewes are giving birth or nursing one or two little ones. At one farm, the newborn lambs are separated from their mothers for a little while, perhaps to be checked out before letting them roam. We came upon this lively group who were pretty vocal about their need to get out of this pen right now and enterprising in their efforts to do so.

The next day we came by again and they were gone, climbing the nearby hills with their mamas. 


Ray Barnes said…
Just as long as they hadn't been taken away only to appear on someone's dinner plate.
The 'escape artist' at the front is obviously a limbo dancer.:-)
Yeah, I worried about that at first but the next day we saw them out with their mamas. Many of them were marked with numbers so we were sure they were the same. I really did think that one in front was going to make it out and then we were going to have to take it home!