Friday Music: Fireballs of the Eucharist

Long-time readers of this blog know that I love traditional (Celtic) music. Recently, I discovered Nuala Kennedy, an Irish singer and flute player who is a regular at the Celtic Connections winter music festival in Glasgow, Scotland. Kennedy and her band play traditional music with imagination and verve, not to mention a lot of energy.

There are a number of wonderful videos of Nuala Kennedy, including one called "The March of the Pterodactyls," but being a priest, I just had to post the one of her playing a song new to me, Fireballs of the Eucharist.

The song was written by Canadian Oliver Schroer, and "fireballs of the eucharist" is a medical malapropism for fibroids of the uterus. Whatever. I love it.



Ray Barnes said…
Spectacular. As you say very different and they are all terrific musicians.
Not my taste normally, but this is an exception.
Glad you liked it, Ray!