What I did today: The Feast of All Saints'!

Today we celebrated the Feast of All Saints' and baptized twelve children between two services. At the later service, I was the celebrant and we invited all the children in the congregation who wanted to come help me bless the water in our beautiful new font. As you can see, there was a big crowd (eight were baptized at this service) yet was plenty of room all around!

This little guy was pretty excited about the water, so I tipped him toward the bowl and he immediately put his hand in. 

What a joy to welcome these little ones into the household of God. And no better day to do that than All Saints' Sunday! Thanks to our communications director, Sarah Bartenstein, for the photos!

P.S. To those who worry about our celebrating on November 6, we also held a service on 
November 1, which, in our parish, is a service held especially for those who have had a death in their family or among their friends during the past year. It is a contemplative, candle lit service during which all who wish to do so light a votive candle that is placed on the altar and remains there during the Eucharist, a visible sign of the great cloud of witnesses who surround the throne of God. Our Sunday All Saints' celebration is where we sing For All the Saints and baptize children.