Friday Music: Canite Tuba in Sion

Francisco Guerrero -- Canite tuba in Sion- Musica Ficta. Núria Rial, Yolanda Lázaro, cantus. Jordi Abelló, Alicia Ramonet, altus. Albert Folch, Lluís Vilamajó, tenor. Pau Bordas, Tomás Maxé, bassus. Ignaci Jordá, orgue, organ.

Raúl Mallavibarrena, director, conductor. Melozzo da Forlí, paintings.

Francisco Guerrero was a 16th Century Spanish composer who lived and worked in Seville. A child prodigy, he lived an interesting life that included being captured by pirates and held for ransom, traveling to the Holy Land, landing in debtor's prison (after the pirate escapade). He died in the plague of 1599, after having published seventeen masses, two requiems, four books of motets, volumes of psalms, Magnificats, vespers music and passions as well as a collection of spiritual madrigals to Spanish texts.