On the Seventh Day of Christmas, we sing Riu Riu Chiu

I love this Spanish carol, here sung by the French group Ensemble Obsidienne, directed by Emmanuel Bonnardot. This "carol" probably originated in the 16th century and is an example of the very popular styled called villancico, which you can read about here. Basically, it became a didactic song that teaches doctrine. 

While I've heard many wonderful and interesting renditions of this carol, I prefer ones that include clapping. I'm not sure why.

Riu riu chiu, the river bank protects it
God has kept our Lamb from the Wolf.

The rabid Wolf wanted to bite her
But Almighty God knew how to defend her 
He decided to make Her impervious to sin 
Even original sin this Virgin did not have.

This one who is born is the great Monarch, 
Christ the Patriarch dressed in human flesh; 
He has redeemed us by making Himself small. 
Although infinite, He made Himself finite.

Many prophets gave us prophecies and forecasts,
So today in our time they have come true at long last.
God in human form, this is what we see on earth, 
And mankind in Heaven because God wants it so.

I saw a thousand angels that were singing, 
Flying around, making a thousand voices, 
Telling the shepherds: Glory be in Heaven 
And Peace on Earth since Jesus is born.

He comes to give life to those who were dead 
He comes to repair the fall of humankind. 
This Child is the light of day,

He is the Lamb of whom St John the Baptist had spoken

Know that the story makes sense, just as we shall hear it
That God could not make Her more than his mother.
He who was her father was born of her today, 
He who created her proclaimed he was her son.

Now that we have what we had desired 
Let us go together to present Him our gifts. 
Let everyone give Him what they want, 
Because He came to make Himself equal to us.


Ray Barnes said…
Thanks again Penny. Once more you have added a drop of enlightenment to my huge vat of ignorance.
Never heard anything even remotely like it before.
I'm glad to help expand your repertoire, Ray!