Prayers for Aleppo

Lord, have mercy. So many dead, and more will die - women and children, fathers and mothers, all made in the image of God, all our brothers and sisters. Hospitals destroyed, homes flattened, bodies piled in the streets. People in Aleppo are posting videos and using social media to say goodbye, to bear witness to the horror. These messages are heartbreaking. I sit in sorrow as I watch, wishing I didn't have to watch, knowing that I must. I too must bear witness in what little way I can.

I do not know what it is inside us human beings that unleashes such violence. Whatever it is is not new and I don't suppose it will ever go away while there are still people on this earth.

Lord, have mercy upon us all. And receive into your outstretched arms of love in the courts of your heavenly dwelling place the souls of all those who have died and are dying in Aleppo tonight and in the hours and days to come.