The Story of a Baby

We are counting down the days until the baby is born to us again in Bethlehem. Soon and very soon, Jesus will be found in the manger with Mary and Joseph, attended by angels and shepherds.

 My own baby, my youngest child, was born nineteen years ago today.  We brought him home on Christmas Eve.  He jokes that having one's birthday so near Christmas is really hard, because Jesus is pretty hard to compete with.

I would never confuse the two - my son and Jesus - but I have for these last nineteen Christmases especially identified with Mary during the holiday seasons.  The story of the baby born at Christmas seems more personal to me since I've had my own "Christmas baby."

In celebration, here's a really wonderful and heartwarming (without being schmaltzy and precious) and my very favorite narration/dramatization of the Christmas Story told by the children of St Paul's Church in Auckland, New Zealand. I've watched and posted this several years in a row now, and it never gets old.

(P.S. Happy Birthday, Jeffrey!)


Perpetua said…
Wonderful, Penny. this is obviously this year's Nativity story and I love it.

Please wish Jeffrey a very happy birthday from me and tell him I still remember the diary he and his fellow pilgrims wrote about their pilgrimage to Ireland.

Christmas blessings from across the pond!
I'll pass along your birthday best wishes! Thanks for remembering about the pilgrimage blog. The photo from yesterday's psalm is Jeffrey playing at a jazz gig.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Perpetua!