Slowing Down

The pressure is mounting to do more and more as Christmas approaches. All of a sudden, I am feeling a pull that is as strong as a tractor beam toward the mall..... I. Must. Shop!

I'm not part of the Advent Police who want to go about telling everyone they are wrong for skipping over Advent and going straight to Christmas. I happen to want to observe Advent because I believe I need it, but I don't think engaging in the Advent Wars is a worthy use of my already limited time. What's the point of setting aside time for reflection if it is about reflecting on either a) how wrong everyone is (or at least some people are) or b) how great I am. It's the Pharisee and the tax collector all over again.

Still. I need to keep on my path of trying to be still and quiet for at least a few minutes a day, to carve out the time, if necessary by giving up some other busy-ness/business, to slow down and breathe deeply and let my spirit seek connection with the One who is to come among us again very soon.  I still need to look around me and see those who are grieving, who are struggling, who are suffering and remember that it is for those that Jesus came - to bind up their wounds and to release them from the captivity under which they are bent over. I still need to name, and hopefully then let go of, the things that keep me from welcoming Christ into my life and that keep me from being Christ's hands and feet in the world.

And so, this is a reminder to me, and maybe to you, too, that even as things are getting busier and we are being pulled in many directions, to slow down, if just for a few minutes today, and contemplate the majesty and grace of the one who is coming to make things right and bring forth a new heaven and a new earth and to prepare our hearts to make him room.

This installation is in the Rumsey Playfield in Central Park, NYC