Quiet and Reflective?

So, Advent is now here. I found my candles and made my wreath. Church was glorious on Sunday.

Now it's Monday and I'm busier than ever. 

Our preacher on Sunday admitted that there wasn't much point in reminding everyone that Advent is a season of quiet and preparation. Because it pretty much isn't that in many of our lives. People with families are simply overloaded in December. 

The church itself is incredibly busy during the season. 

I can't even keep my calendar straight.  And I haven't read today's readings for Advent - although I've still got time. Maybe. When I'm in bed.

All of this reminds me that we are not perfect. And we will never be. But we strive toward our ideals nonetheless, which I think is a fine idea, so long as we don't use those ideals as whips with which to flagellate ourselves when we fall short. We are always falling short.

If you have been able to begin Advent with quiet and reflection, I congratulate you. And I will try to do it tomorrow and the next day and the next. And if you haven't, join the club. The clubhouse is pretty full. But it will all be ok. A full life is still a wonderful thing, and we have four weeks in which to make room again in our full lives for the wonderful awesome thing that is the incarnation.


Bill Bynum said…
Hallelujah for you and your camera, Penny! You keep posting these gorgeous pictures, remarkable in their clarity and composition. I feel a little silly adding a comment for every picture, but sooner or later, I have to just blurt something out.
Thanks, Bill! I really appreciate your comments! I did have a wonderful time with my camera the other week - beautiful scenery helps make beautiful pictures!