Friday Afternoon Butterfly Break

OK, I know this is not a butterfly. It's a Luna Moth.


Ray Barnes said…
Wow. Now that is a really weird looking one.
Don't know whether we have them here, but if we do, I don't think I want to meet one.
Antonia said…
Sacred geometry springs to mind! Extraordinary... What's the connection with the Moon? (Luna). Is there something I'm not seeing?
Ray, it is a very beautiful moth. They are apparently now endangered. They are quite large - 4" wingspan - and I'm not really sure why it's called "Luna." Some say after a Roman goddess, others because it is a night creature. At any rate, they're quite harmless. And they only live for a week. They don't have mouths. So they live only to breed. Which seems sad.
Antonia, I'm not sure why. Other than that it is a night creature.
Antonia said…
Thanks Penny - it is indeed beautiful! For some reason I felt very moved to read of this creature's size (4 inches - wow) and rarity alongside what you say about the shortness of its life. No mouth - a brief life of not consuming, just being beautiful and passing in its beauty. I suspect there's a "sermon" in that!
Yes, its only purpose seems to be to pass on its beauty. The caterpillars are quite active, of course, and they eat leaves from a variety of hardwood trees, but even they are not considered a pest.