Saturday Morning Music Video: Sleep

This is the second of the Virtual Choir videos by American composer Eric Whitacre, who wrote the music and then assembled a virtual choir of singers from 58 countries to sing it.  The song is called "Sleep." First you will hear the choir sing, and then see the credits while you listen to the song played again on the piano. This must be a lot of fun for everyone involved.

More more information, see Mr. Whitacre's website.


Bill Bynum said…
"Sleep" is interesting music and Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 2.0 sounds professional. What is surprising is that the Virtual Choir performance of "Sleep" is composed by cutting together the 2052 responses that Whitacre got from his request for participation. It is truly astonishing that the technology exists to do that. I know from personal experience that the "joyful noise" I make when singing a hymn in church doesn't always turn out to be dulcet and harmonious, try as I might.
Yes, this is the second of these virtual choir projects - the third one is out already, too. This endeavor certainly pushes the boundaries out when it comes to what people can do together!