Saturday Morning Music Video

This is one of my favorite James Taylor songs (and I like pretty much all of his songs!) sung in concert at the Colonial Theatre in Boston in 1988 without backup band - just pure JT and his beautiful, distinctive guitar style. The backup singers are pre-recorded (love how the spotlight shines on the reel-to-reel when they're singing). Really nice.

The reason why this is one of my very favorites is because I believe with all my heart that we ought to shower the people we love with love, and that things would turn out fine - and indeed be much better - if we only would.



Bill Bynum said…
James Taylor is a talented songwriter and performer. This is indeed a nice song with a beautiful sentiment. After watching the clip, YouTube presented me with a choice of other clips, one of which was a very interesting 9 minute clip of an interview of James Taylor by Charlie Rose in 2002 on 60 Minutes, where Taylor talks about his life and work. His music seems to just bubble up from his own life experiences, some of which have been pretty difficult. This is probably what makes his music so emotionally rich.
Thanks, Bill! I saw that interview. I think you're right. I also saw his "commencement speech" he gave at Williams College, in which he told his story interspersed with his songs.