Thursday Bird Post: An Osprey Goes Shopping for Dinner

Ospreys are plentiful around the coastal waters.  Some people call them fish hawks. One of the distinctive things about them is this hovering posture they display while they are fishing. The bird will hover very high up in the air, looking for fish below, and then dive and scoop the prey in its strong talons and fly off with it.  

You can see the fish it caught.

There it goes!

Off to its nest over on the creek side of the dunes.


Kay G. said…
Richard and I saw an osprey at the lake at Arabia Mountain in early May, and we had never seen one before and we had to look it up to identify it.
This June, we watched the live-cam on an osprey nest at and it was FANTASTIC to watch them go from eggs to fledglings. If you go to that site, you can see some of the photos of them along the way.
Sorry, Peni, I love my birds.
Hi Kay - those live-cams are great, aren't they? So glad you enjoyed watching the eggs hatch and babies growing! We have a lot of osprey along the river and at the beach and their nests are everywhere, on the channel markers and such.