Letters to Me: Another Book Project!

I am so pleased to announce the publication of this book of essays, Letters to Me: Conversations with a Younger Self.  As you can see from the book cover above, a number of writers (including Brian McLaren and me) contributed to this project whose target audience is young men and women in the 18 - 28 age group.  Our hope is to offer insight and encouragement to them during this sometimes tumultuous and transitional time of life.

Our assignment was to look back at a critical time/event in our own life during that important decade and wrote a letter to our younger self reflecting on the event from the vantage point of ten to thirty years later.  (I'm in the thirty years later category.)  I have read all the essays, and they are terrific. Some of us looked at happy events, some of us recalled unhappy and even what seemed to be disastrous events, and then, either way, offered commentary on that time with the assistance of hindsight.  The tone throughout is gentle and generous, wise and sometimes wry and occasionally even slightly amazed at our younger selves.

The book is now selling on Amazon as a Kindle download for only $4.99.  Such a deal! Click here to purchase an e-book. The paperback version is available for $12.99.  The paperback would make a great gift to the young adults among your acquaintance.

As a side note, the editor, Dan Schmidt, who blogs at Toucanic, found me here at the Large Party and that's how I came to be part of this effort.  After reading my blog for a while, he invited me to write an essay.  And now I can say, "the rest is history!"  Thanks, Dan!  Here's a link to the interview I did for Dan on his blog as part of the book release this week.

Please do take a look.  All of us in the Letters to Me team would appreciate your help getting the word out about the book.  Buy one, link to it on your blogs, write a recommendation at Amazon, give some away as gifts.  Let me know if you have other suggestions.

Thank you! And, as we church folk say, God Bless.


Perpetua said…
Oh, how exciting, Penny! May it be very widely read.
Thanks, Perpetua! I hope so, too.