Thursday Bird Photo: Stretching

Black backed gulls


Ray Barnes said…
Stretching ? Don't you know an arabesque when you see one?
Antonia said…
LOL, Ray! It's very elegant, isn't it? Lovely to see them, I've been watching them here on the Suffolk coast - though the beach is shingle, not sand. They're so full of life!
Gosh, Ray, I guess I should have put this one in the dancing category!
I do love to watch gulls, even though lots of people consider them nuisances. These black-backed ones are quite large, which makes their antics easier to catch on camera.
Antonia said…
Yes, the black-backed gulls here are huge... There are big signs saying not to feed them! They do try to intimidate you when you're eating fish and chips beach. Very amusing to watch!
June Butler said…
The birdies remind me of an exercise class with one member either way behind or way ahead of the beat.

Gulls are beautiful creatures. I was fascinated by the gulls in NW Scotland with pink feet and legs.
LOL, Mimi! Exercise class can be pretty funny to look at, in my experience. Glad you share my appreciation for gulls!