Gone Fishing

I'm going on a road trip starting today, with the ultimate goal of attending my son's college graduation. I wrote about his heading out to this college, after some real bumps in the road at other colleges, here.

I'm happy to say that he is graduating something like second in his class and has been awarded the Winston and Margaret Ehrmann Senior Award for Excellence in Sociology.  He has been admitted to Columbia University in New York's master of sociology program for next year.  He's gotten his groove back.

Along the way, I'm celebrating my birthday and Mothers' Day and cleaning out my Atlanta yard's ornamental pond and replacing the pump, playing with Miss Kitty, and visiting my own mother. I also hope some of my roses are still blooming.  AND, we'll be driving 1700+ miles.

So, I'm taking a break from blogging for a bit! See you on the flip side!


Anonymous said…
Safe journey.
Perpetua said…
Enjoy your break, Penny, and give your son my heartiest congratulations on his great achievement.
Thanks, Perpetua! I'm so proud of him, and admit I'm getting pretty sentimental already!
Ray Barnes said…
Congratulations on all points,Jeff, your birthday and Mother's Day. Enjoy your break and the journey too.
Thanks, Ray! It was a great weekend and now I'm recovering!