Graduation # 1 Complete!

Seventeen hundred miles and several days later, here's the happy college grad! We are all so proud of him.

Now for a few days of work in Virginia before embarking on trip number two for the high school graduation!

I've had some wonderful family time this last week. I expect to have more wonderful family time next week.

But in the meantime, I'm kind of exhausted.

So, back to being in "gone fishing" mode for a while longer.

Also, I've had to put some restrictions on commenting on this blog for a while. I've been overwhelmed with spam lately. I am sorry to have to do it and I hope that we'll all be back in social interaction mode soon!



Ray Barnes said…
Well done Jeff. He looks a happy bunny.
Now relax and enjoy your family time.X
Perpetua said…
Such a proud moment, Penny. :-) Enjoy the other graduation.

If it's any consolations, I too have had to give in and switch on the word verification, as the spam was becoming ridiculous.
Jeff is next - this is Brad, the college grad. He is happy and ready to continue his study of sociology at graduate school in the fall at Columbia University in New York.
Thanks, Perpetua -

The spam thing is ridiculous. I hate having to make people use the word verification.