A Basket of Summer Fruit

This is what the Lord GOD showed me -- a basket of summer fruit.

(Amos 8:1)

Today's Old Testament reading from Amos starts out with this beautiful line.

But it gets worse. God tells Amos to prophesy to the people that they are under judgment and will come to destruction because, among other things, they sell the needy for a pair of sandals.

Which makes me think of the terrible building collapse in Bangladesh a few months ago and other stories about those who work long hours for little money to make designer clothing for us to wear.

We have been given so much. Witness the beauty of these luscious peaches. Go to the market and look at the ripe tomatoes and the plump grapes. Go outside and hear the birds sing in the morning and the tree frogs sing in the evening. Look at the sky and look at a loved one and marvel at the gifts we have been given.

We do not need to grasp at more and more, pushing aside the weak and vulnerable so that our desires may be satisfied. We have already been given everything if we will but have the eyes to see.