Nearly Wordless Wednesday: The Battle of the Blue Crab

I came upon this blue crab on my beach walk last Saturday. He let me know he was ready to fight me, waving his claws, making a big shadow, and spitting in my general direction.

I didn't know crabs could spit.

(you can click on the picture to make it bigger)


Gillian Barr said…
I didn't know they could spit, either, and in my youth I spent a lot of time catching and eating them. What was he even doing up on the sand, I wonder? Looking for a place to shed?
I don't know why he was out of the surf - I just happened upon him - but he let me know that I was in his space almost before I could focus my camera on him! I had passed evidence on my walk of other crabs not so lucky to be whole and alive.
Ray Barnes said…
What a fearsome looking creature. Is there a button you can click to make him look smaller?
He actually wasn't all that big to begin with, Ray, so never fear.