Two Poems about Hippopotami

Detail from a stained glass window at St Stephen's Episcopal Church, Oxford NC

The Hippopotamus

Behold the hippopotamus!
We laugh at how he looks to us,
And yet in moments dank and grim,
I wonder how we look to him.

Peace, peace, thou hippopotamus!
We really look all right to us,
As you no doubt delight the eye
Of other hippopotami. 


Anonymous said…
I love them both, but for the moment am captivated by the thought of the "’potamus...Performing on a harp of gold." ~PRD
Ray Barnes said…
Thanks for both of these Penny, each lovely in a different way.

Ogden Nash is one of my two favourite poets. The other being Omar Kaiyam (probably misspelt).

The 'performing on a harp' is a wonderful image, and so is the thought of a Hippo with wings.
Glorious stuff.
Yes, I rather like that image as well!
Thanks, Ray. I love Nash and also Eliot for very different reasons, as you suggest. What fun to put them side by side with this adorable stained glass fellow (or hippo-gal).
Perpetua said…
Oh what fun, Penny, both the poems and the window. Two fine poets lauding one of God's most impressive creatures.
Thanks, Perpetua! The hippo is certainly impressive, as are these two wonderful poets. Life is amazing, isn't it?