The Cross of the Scriptures

This is one side of the Cross of the Scriptures at Clonmacnoise. (Actually, it's a replica - the original is inside the visitor center.) Here you see the crucifixion in the center. Celtic Jesuses often do not have beards. Below that is a circle with a dove inside - The Holy Spirit. The top panel is the arrest of Jesus. The middle one was featured in an earlier post - I think it is the weeping women although they are not dressed like women - perhaps the disciples abandoning Jesus, or a woman, the Beloved Disciple and the one who lost his clothing. Someone else said it was the soldiers taking Jesus' clothing. At any rate, below that are the Roman soldiers guarding the tomb - the "Romans" may be dressed like "Vikings," who had raided the monastery, burning its wooden buildings to the ground. If so, a case of "interpretation in context."