Sunday Reading

Here is a story from National Public Radio about a man named Mark Horvath who goes around the country meeting and talking with homeless people and then posting their interviews as video profiles on his blog, This is Horvath's effort, as someone who was homeless for a while himself, to present homeless people as individuals and not simply a group to be ignored or dismissed. You can read it here, or go to his website and see the video profiles for yourself here. Horvath's work has become so well-known that he now is being aided by such companies as Hanes Hosiery, which donates socks for Horvath to give out to the people he meets, and Hertz Rent-A-Car, which is providing him transportation to go to his next gig in Alaska this spring.

And since it's Oscar Night tonight, over at the Politics Daily blog, read David Gibson's interesting essay here about his thoughts on "cinema as church" (going to the movies as a communal religious experience) and the use of religious themes like transformation, redemption and suffering in this year's movies.

Enjoy your Sunday.