Sunday Reading

I am a big fan of traditional Irish folk music, and one of the big thrills of my life was sitting in a couple of "sessions" at the local pub where traditional musicians held jam sessions, especially the one in County Donegal where some members of the band Altan played for several hours. The radio program "Thistle and Shamrock" is a place to listen to a wide variety of tunes from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and Nova Scotia among other "Celtic" regions. Hosted by Fiona Ritchie, the show can be heard on NPR. In this St Patrick's week, here's a link to the Thistle and Shamrock page: click on the "Fiddle Styles" link to hear a great hour-long show on the different fiddling styles in the background while you surf the net for other Sunday reading, or listen to the Welsh Roots or New Gaelic Voices shows.

Check out this article about Episcopal folks in Rhode Island who decided to give up clutter for Lent. This is amazing: the vow was to not only de-clutter their homes but to agree not to purchase anything other than food, fuel and medicine during Lent. All I can say is, Wow. I wish I had thought of this. Or better yet, I wish I had done it.

And from The New Yorker, an review of three books exploring "happiness research" with some surprising conclusions. Plus, cartoons! Read it here.

Happy Reading.