There are days when the path ahead looks clear and the goal is in sight. What turn-offs or side-tracks might be lurking on the periphery do not beckon. There's movement, and clear pathway, and the sun shines on the goal.

Most days, however, are not like that. The shining goal turns into a mirage, or a reflection of something somewhere else, or the sidetrack calls like a siren and off I go perhaps to dash upon the rocks. Or, I just stand there, looking but not able to move.

I wonder if I have the right goals to begin with. Is the goal "heaven" or is it "meaningful employment" or is it "loving my neighbor as myself" or is it all of the above? "Heaven" seems a little fuzzy - how does one mark one's progress? And should heaven even be a goal? It's not like one can earn it or reach it on one's own. It's not like we actually know what heaven is anyway.

"Loving my neighbor as myself" is, as they say in the business world, is not quantifiable nor is the path to achievement of that goal, along with its milestones, in a workable format. As if life might even come in "workable formats." The path toward "loving my neighbor" is all sidetracks.

And then there is "perfection." What if the goal is to let go of anger, or to witness to peace, or to walk humbly with God? There's no handy to-do list on the path to those.

And so I think I want to let go of "goal." And concentrate on "vision." What do I see, where do I want to be in light of what I see, and how much of my seeing is out into the world and how much of it is turned inward? What do I see with the eyes of faith, the eyes of love, the eyes of compassion? How much of my seeing has to do with imagining - imagining the world as God's new creation, imagining love, imagining peace, imagining fearless generosity.