Noon Prayer - an Irish litany

Have mercy upon us, O God the Father Almighty God of hosts,
O high God,
O Lord of the world,
O ineffable God,
O Creator of the Elements,
O invisible God,
O incorporeal God,
O God beyond all judgment,
O impassible God,
O incorruptible God,
O immortal God,
O immoveable God
O eternal God,
O perfect God,
O merciful God,
O wondrous God,
O dreadful God,
O God of the earth,
O God of fire,
O God of the excellent waters,
O God of the tempestuous and rushing air,
O God of the many languages round the circuit of the earth,
O God of the waves from the bottomless house of the ocean,
O God of the constellations, and all the bright stars,
O God who didst fashion the mass, and didst inaugurate day and night,
O God who didst rule over hell, and its rabble host,
O God who dost govern with archangels,
O golden good,
O heavenly Father who are in heaven,
Have mercy upon us.

(attributed to Mugron Abbot of Iona and Durrow, c 10th century
from The Celtic Way of Prayer)