God Gives a Party...

and will we be glad to attend? Or will we be more concerned about the fact that other people are also invited to God's party, people of whom we don't approve?  Will we be the ones to stand outside the door, arms crossed, lips pouting, all frowny-faced because the party isn't as exclusive as we want it to be?

God stretches out God's arms wide open to us, and to all, not because we are good but because God is good.  Not because we are deserving, or even not deserving, but because of who God is: a lover of souls, our souls, all souls.  There is enough. There is always enough and more than enough for us and for all of God's people.

And so, will we be bitter, or will we be grateful to know that God loves wastefully, that God's love overflows, that God is love and that's the last word?