Everything we see or think about, we see or think about or approach through some sort of lens. Much of the time we are not particularly aware of our lenses, but we can make ourselves become aware of the lens through which we are seeing things. Our lenses naturally change all the time ("when I was a child, I thought like a child....") . They change just by virtue of our own selves changing, but also we can deliberately choose a lens through which to view the world, or at least a particular situation. This is like walking a mile in someone else's shoes - we can choose to see through the eyes of another. We can choose another point of view.

It would be nice to go through life with our lenses all arranged like a kaleidoscope where we could make a slight turn and easily look at things through a variety of lenses. Where some of the same images or experiences or "facts" are arranged differently. We could always be ready to view a situation or a person or an idea through multiple lenses. To not only view them but appreciate the view(s) as well.

It is discouraging when we cling to our own point of view so tightly that we cannot see that there may be other points of view. Others may have other lenses that are quite valid and valuable. But often we feel that there can only be one way to see something and those who see it our way are right and those who do not see it our way are wrong. And inferior - "when you get older, you'll see it my way and then you'll understand" - as if "you" don't actually have any understanding now. Mea culpa, I am so guilty of this.

Lord, give me eyes to see.