Help Wanted: Knight or Warrior Type, Ridiculous Outfit OK

I have this list of things to do that all seem to be way more complicated than they ought to be. The kitchen faucet, for example, sprung a leak in the pull-out hose. I obtained a replacement hose, disconnected the leaky one from the faucet head, and then discovered that I can't get the old hose out without dismantling the whole faucet. Also, there are some photographs I need to remove from an old computer, but I can't get the computer to start up - it keeps getting hung up. I need to put away a bunch of books, but the place where I need to put them needs to be cleaned out first. Etc.

Rather than spending several hours on one project only to not be able to finish it, I tried working on several things at a time, turn on computer, go put in some laundry, come back to computer, move a couple of things around in the closet, check back on computer. Not sure this is working, either. I am temped to put some really simple things on my list (shower, get dressed, eat lunch) just so I can cross them off.

So now I am tired of being Ms Fix It. I want someone else to come in and fix the things that are frustrating me. Or perhaps I need to start praying the Serenity Prayer. But then again, where I seem to be stuck on several fronts is "the wisdom to know the difference."

I did call a plumber about the kitchen faucet. Knowing I'll have to spend a couple of hundred bucks on something that appears to be a simple task of "screw this in here and screw that in there" is irksome, but there it is.

Now I will take a deep breath and look at my list to find something uncomplicated so I can just do it. Wish me luck.