Do you ever feel as if all of your energy is going out and there is not any new energy coming in? As if there's lots of stuff going on "out there" but not much going on right here? As if what energy you have is being sucked out and going into something else outside of you so that you're left feeling empty?

If this were a commercial, the next line would be about the product one can buy to restore the energy to "incoming" and fix this situation by bringing things back into balance. And people certainly do "self-medicate" when they find themselves in this situation. Up the caffeine intake, add some sugar, take to one's bed or hammock, book a vacation, pull out whatever tried-and-true pepper-upper product, activity or plan has worked in the past. Because of course this is part of the life-cycle. Here in the South it often coincides with periods of excessive heat and humidity.

Still, I don't find being in this place good for the body or soul or outlook on life. Knowing that it has happened before and will happen again offers some comfort. But empty is empty.