Friday Architectural Detail Break

Happy Friday! For you long time Partiers, Friday is a photography theme day.  We've had the Friday afternoon fountain break, the waterfall break, the fountain-waterfall breaks, and sandcastle breaks.  Starting today, for something completely different, and until Advent, I'll be featuring a series of photos of architectural details on Fridays.

This is from the Carrie Tower on the campus of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. (You can read about the clock tower here.) "Carrie" was Caroline Mathilde Brown, granddaughter of the man for whom the university is named, and the clock tower was built as a memorial to her by her husband.


Kay Guest said…
I very much enjoy your photography and will look forward to seeing what you notice in architecture.
Just like this photo, it's good... keep 'em coming!
Thanks, Kay! Will do!
This is a great post, I liked your blog and added your feed.