Off Again!

For the next week and a day, I shall be away at a conference.  It happens to be taking place at the beach, so all the better.  Which means that I will not be blogging, but I will be taking photographs, which I will share when I return.  

In the meantime, I leave you to ponder the greatest, and no doubt the hardest, commandment:  Love God with all your heart and mind and soul (all of all of them!) and love your neighbor (all of all of them, too!) as yourself. 


Perpetua said…
Have a great time, Penny. I used to attend an annual diocesan clergy conference at the seaside once upon a time. Then the venue closed and we went inland :-(
Thanks, Perpetua. I am really looking forward to the conference itself, on clergy health (physical, vocational, spiritual, financial) but the venue is icing on the cake!
Nancy Wallace said…
May you have a refreshing time at the conference.