Saturday morning music video: Tallis Canon

This is a beautiful rendering of Thomas Tallis' Canon (also known as The Eighth Tune) by the English boy choir Libera (read about them here).

Happy Saturday!


Kay G. said…
This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. I'd never heard of them.
Ray Barnes said…
Truly lovely Penny. Have heard most of their recordings but not this one.
There is something ethereal about the sound they make, not usual with such a large group of boys.
Thanks for this, it made a nice break from gardening.
Thanks, Kay. Technically, this is a night prayer song, but beauty is beauty, right?

Ray, I'm surprised, given your musical expertise, that you'd not heard this. I like this version because it has just the right pace, I think. Happy gardening! I hope it's snail-less today!