Make Somebody's Day

This morning, as I was driving in to work, I saw a young girl sitting at the bus stop with her dad, watching the traffic go by.  When she spied my yellow Beetle, she smiled and as I approached, she started waving.

This is not the normal response I see as I drive by children in my "punch buggy."  More likely I get to see someone slug another someone on the arm.

What a wonderful start to my day.  I happily waved back to the little girl and she waved all the harder when she saw my response.  Which made me smile all the way to the office.

We are people in community. How wonderful that some in the community can effortlessly remind those of us with our minds firmly on the quotidian - our daily tasks - to enjoy a smile along the way, and to pass it on.

So go ahead, make somebody's day today.


Ray Barnes said…
O.K. can I borrow your beetle?
Ray, you made me laugh out loud! So I got a two-fer today!