Is it Fall Yet?

I was beginning to think that we are not going to have fall any time soon.  At least, not "visual fall."  You know, the part where the trees are all gorgeously draped in oranges and reds and yellows.  (The temperatures and humidity and the high blue sky, on the other hand, have been tending toward fall for a week or so.)

And of course the grocery store is now full of pumpkins and those knobbly, weird striped and dotted and funny-shaped decorative squash for home ornamentation to show us all that, whatever it looks like outside, it's time for fall decor.

But, almost overnight, I have begun to see some changes in the foliage.  Sunday, it was summer; today it begins to look like fall.  Driving in to work this morning, and again while I was out to lunch, I noticed some yellowish blobs in the tops of some trees.  And some orange spots among the green.

This photo is from fall two years ago in Maine.  I'm looking forward to seeing, literally, what fall looks like here in Virginia.  Bring on the color and remind us again, Lord, of the unbelievable gift that Your creation is.


Kay Guest said…
Hey Penny!
Will you please look at my post about the King James Bible and leave a comment if you get a chance? (Or just say something to this comment! Thanks!)
Hope you have a colorful Autumn!
Thanks for the reminder, Kay. Will look at it in a bit. So behind on my reading!