What's Underneath

This is what is left when clematis flower petals fall off.  Striking, no?

Here it is with petals.  Quite lovely, but in a very different way.

We all of us have outer selves and inner selves and some kind of structure that holds it all together physically and also something that holds us together spiritually.

It all has its form (of some kind) and function (of some kind) and it all has its own beauty.

When our lovely outward petals fall off, we have something else that is also beautiful in perhaps a different way.

As I get older, I become more interested in the part that's underneath.


Ray Barnes said…
It is often not until we get older that what is 'underneath' becomes apparent. Sadly with some, what is outside is sometimes all there is.
In addition I believe the real person is a 'work in progress' all through life and it is part of life's journey to try to reconcile the two.
You're right, Ray. All of us are works in progress, and many among us are, as the old commercial went on TV, "not getting older but getting better."