Nearly Wordless Wednesday: The Black Pearl

No, not THAT Black Pearl. I suppose you were looking for Johnny Depp?


June Butler said…
Penny, I was looking for Johnny Depp, and what could possibly be wrong with that? ;-)
Mimi, when the boys and my husband and I watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, my husband asked me which of the guys would I have gone for if I were the Kiera Knightly character - Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp. I just looked at him. Finally he said, "Oh, you'd actually want to BE Johnny Depp, not go out with him." :-)
June Butler said…
Penny, you go me one better, then. I just want to go out with Johnny.
June Butler said…
I just had a thought. When you BE Johnny, we can go out.
Oh, God, Mimi, that's perfect. So we can! It's a date.