More Easter Monday

When I was a little girl, growing up in North Carolina in the 1960's, Easter Monday was a big holiday.  I never really understood why.

Now I do.

And I'm sure I'm not the only one.  Clergy, musicians, altar guild folks, and many others have posted on Facebook or Twitter that they're spending today lounging, eating chocolate, reading, not getting dressed, and napping. 

I'm pretty much doing all those things today, too.  It has been a busy time, and as we heard in the first reading at the Easter Vigil, on the seventh day, after a busy time, God rested.  And so should we.

But my mind has ranged back over the last week (which is not hard to do from a prone position), and these thoughts have emerged. 

1.  It is almost impossible not to feel exhilarated at the news of Easter if one has walked through Holy Week with attention and intention.  That's the power of liturgy (including setting and music and good preaching) at work.

2.  The Easter Vigil is still the best liturgy ever. Good stuff often starts with gathering around a fire in the dark! Carrying the newly lit Paschal candle into the dark and empty church and singing "The Light of Christ!" is the best and goose-bumpiest job in the world.

3.  I really love seeing everyone's Easter finery as I press the body of Christ into their hands at the altar rail on Easter Day.  Perhaps the Lenten Scales had simply fallen from my eyes, but it was just a joy to see the yellows and pinks and lavenders (and that's just the men's ties!).   I myself wore red shoes.

4.  It was a special blessing to have my husband and both sons with me for Palm Sunday weekend and then to have my older son stay with me through Easter. 

5.  It is fun being in a place where we have so many visitors. It means we have to take care to be welcoming and to recognize that not everyone "gets" how we do things. And it also means we have the opportunity/responsibility to be the face of The Episcopal Church for many people.  I hope this keeps us on our toes.

6.  I work with some of the best folks ever. Our clergy, staff, acolytes, altar guild, vergers, musicians, readers, Eucharistic ministers and everybody else are absolutely fabulous!

 Happy Easter Monday, y'all!


Perpetua said…
Another blog I follow calls today Easter Recovery Day and I think that sums it up. :-) I didn't get dressed until lunchtime and i haven't even been working, just attending. Glad it all went so wonderfully for you, Penny.
An apt name! Thanks!