Holy Saturday Music

O Sacred Head, Sore Wounded. From St. Matthew Passion. BWV 244-63.
Choir of King's College, Cambridge / Sir David Willcocks. Recorded 1973.


Bill Bynum said…
Glorious music, impeccably performed in a magnificent setting. Excellent way to contemplate this somber day. J.S. Bach was under-appreciated for his lifetime and several centuries after his death. Fortunately, he didn't become discouraged and continued to write majestic music like this, leaving a treasure for future generations to appreciate. Composers who followed him, like Schubert, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schumann, and Brahms, studied his music for inspiration and helped the world come to accept Bach for the musical giant that he is.
Yes, where would we (and church music) be without J.S. Bach? Glad you liked this selection, Bill. Thanks for commenting!
Kay G. said…
Even great modern songwriters are influenced by Bach. Did you know that Paul Simon used this tune for his song "A American Tune"?

I love Bach, "All for the glory of God", I believe he said.
Kay, I remember that now that you mention it. Thanks!