Saturday Morning Movie: This is your brain on music

Bobby McFerrin shows us some stuff about neuroscience - this is your brain on music!


Ray Barnes said…
Fascinating, absolutely fascinating!

What a wonderful exercise in anticipation, and what a very musical audience.

Thanks for that Penny.
Bill Bynum said…
Beautiful post! Bobby McFerrin clearly demonstrates that the pentatonic scale is universal. Although he didn't really get it fired up here, his voice is an extraordinary instrument of incredible range and versatility.
Wouldn't you have loved to be there, Ray?!
Yes, despite the Don't Worry, Be Happy bit, I'm a big fan of McFerrin. We had a fun CD of his for the kids long ago in which he sang all sorts of things, including, I think, the Flight of the Bumble Bee.

His father was an Anglican priest, and he wrote a beautiful chant setting of Psalm 23 using feminine pronouns for God.
Denise said…
I'll have to look into that CD and the Psalm 23 setting. The video is a wonderful share on the innate power of music.