After the storm

We had a very quick but strong storm blow through late yesterday afternoon.  I stayed in the office until it was over and then drove home.  As I backed out of my parking space, I ran over a branch (not big enough to hurt anything, thank goodness).  Driving home, I noticed a lot of debris in the road - leaves and small branches.  By the time I got to my street, I saw that a huge tree that had come down, having fallen into the parking lot of the restaurant on the corner.  (Fortunately, there didn't seem to be any cars under it.)  Some guys were already out there looking at it.

Then I went out for a walk around the duck pond, and everything was sparkling with raindrops. Gentle droplets hanging on every branch.

What a difference from the smashed branches and downed tree.  The droplets shone in the waning sunlight, innocently.

Life is like that sometimes. I have a strong experience, and then when I come out of it, everybody else is acting normal and unaffected, even happy.  Life is going on, if changed a little. 

I'll notice where the tree used to be for a while, and then the landscape will take on a new appearance, without the tree or even the memory of it.  And all will be well.


Ray Barnes said…
Life is indeed like that sometimes. Events which are momentous for some are not even on the radar of others.
Often those most affected adapt to the new conditions very quickly you say, it is as though it never happened.
What a good thing we are so resilient and adaptable, or we'd never survive.
Resilient and adaptable ARE good things. We wouldn't last long otherwise. And there's a fine balance between moving on and stopping to grieve or care for others who are in the midst of something momentous even while we aren't. We're not all on the same page and it can be hard to hold all that in tension without dismissing either.
Anonymous said…
This is timeless and true and with this resiliance, you are right, all will be well!
Thanks, Caroline! Welcome!